Is learning at IT Career.ph free?

Yes, it's completely free. You can take online courses as many as you want with no charge.

Why online learning?

While there are a lot of advantages of face-to-face learning, students are sometimes not satisfied with it. We think there are three reasons. The first one is learning pace control. It is hard to control the pace of learning speed in a classroom / seminar. The pace is too fast for someone, but it can be too slow for other members as well. This is because learning speed and the best approach to learning are different among people. When we learn IT skills through online, we can control the pace by ourselves.

The second one is learning flexibility. In most cases of online learning, students can learn IT skills at any time and from anywhere. Besides, students don’t need to take a course which they are not interested in.

The third reason is cost-effectiveness. Since changing speed in IT is rapid, knowledge and textbook about IT become obsolete in a short span. Besides required skills as an IT professional are getting more complicated and wider. Thus, leaning cost is also getting higher and higher. Using online course, student can save money and time for IT learning. It makes easier to catch up with rapid change in IT.

Of course, we think online learning is still not enough to meet student’s satisfaction with IT learning. We will try to improve online learning experiences continuously.

What are lecture course and training course?

ITCareer.ph offers two courses.

The first one is a lecture course. In this course, teacher conducts a lesson using online textbook which he/she writes. Each course has about ten lessons. Each lesson has some exercises to check student understanding by himself/herself. At the end of the course, short exam we call “challenge” is prepared by teacher. Student will know the result of “challenge” immediately.

The second one is a training course which is more practical. In this course, student learns IT skills using online learning tools. For example, student leans programming through actual coding using online editor. Each course has about ten trainings. You can try as many times as you want.

What is IT Points?

You can get IT Points with learning IT skills at ITCareer.ph. Each course offers IT Points based on the number of correct answers. In addition, you will earn bonus points if you can complete training quickly at the training course. The points you can get is described in each course or training page. Your IT Points will be accumulated in your account which is shown in My page. The more points you accumulate, the more career opportunities you will find.

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