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To make sure customers enjoy a safe and convenient driving experience, Software Engineers perform software quality assurance activities of automotive electronic devices.
  • They make sure that the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) source code is error-free by running test patterns to identify possible faults.
  • The test parameters are configured into in-house testing tools and the test patterns are executed. At first, test patterns will be provided by senior engineers but as new employees gain experience they will also create methods to test the firmware.
  • The software engineer documents the results of testing and submits them for appropriate action. After the results are confirmed by reviewers, software engineers may take part in evaluation.
  • The engineers then develop standard procedures and user manuals for performing tests and resolving issues. When necessary, the engineers also create test automation tools in VBA to improve productivity.
  • Source code is written in the C language. Training will be provided.
  • Create test patterns
  • Implement Test patterns
  • Analyze and report test results
  • Resolve anomalies, evaluate source code
  • Write standard procedures for testing
  • Create test automation tools

Requirements / Qualifications


·         Software Development

·         C Language Programming: Intermediate Level

·         Basic knowledge in assembly language is an advantage

·         Basic knowledge in MATLAB is an advantage

Hiring Process

Instructions for Interested Applicants
Please come directly to our office. Walk-in applications are welcome. Exams are given every Monday to Thursday at the 23rd Floor Hanston Square Building, 17 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Qualifying Examinations start at 8:30 am. Please bring a comprehensive resume, valid ID, and 2x2 ID picture.