From IT Experts

  • Kevin Mark BautistaSystem Engineer

    IT is a fast-paced industry. You must keep on learning in this field. Be up-to-date on the latest technology trends and innovations. You need to be flexible and must learn to adapt because technology changes rapidly.

  • Melinda CorpuzSenior Network Engineer

    Read, simulate, be analytic and remember the basics by heart.

  • Venci Fer CatubigSenior Java Programmer/Analyst

    Focus on one programming language. Learning the other languages is good, but it is better to choose one that is worth of your time. The advantage of this is that you can easily adjust to the fast-paced technology. It will also allow you to have leverage in your career because most of the companies preferred to hire developers with solid experience.

  • John BaligodSystem Engineer

    Master the basics in programming. Make codes that the weakest developer would understand because, for the most part, your code is not yours but for others to maintain.

  • Chiara TolentinoSystem Operator, MCSA

    On learning IT, you have to be versatile and fast learner. IT is an ever-changing profession, being able to adapt easily will help you survive this industry.

  • Emman BasistaSystem Administrator

    A career in Information Technology is like a computer game. You need to level-up in order for you to reach your goal.

  • Robert CamelloSenior Software Engineer

    The number one asset of most tech companies is not the products that they built, but those people who built them. Big companies are willing to spend a lot of money to hire and train IT professionals to have an edge with other competitors. That alone would tell you how valuable we are in this industry.

  • Noe H. Gregorio JrPeopleSoft ERP Specialist

    Understand and embrace the basics of the programming language you are into. Develop and continuously enhance your logical thinking, and make sure to keep yourself updated with the best practices in your chosen field.

  • Butch BustriaAssociate Data Center Consultant

    Search for your passion. If you feel the excitement as a catalyst, by building things that automates or simplifies process, then Information Technology is your future!

  • Erik EvangelistaWintel Consultant

    First is Understanding. Try to understand what is being taught. If you cant, then ask the professor. However, if he cant make you understand the topic, then observe in the class who can understand it.
    Second is Observation. If you observe someone who can easily understand the subject, then try to be friendly with him and mimic how he understands the subject.
    The second part always works for me. :)

  • Aaron M. JulianAssociate Technical Consultant

    Be like a sponge. Listen to your professors and do your best to absorb every piece of information that you can learn in every subject. Remember that your set of skills will determine the path of your career.

  • Marc TabiaSoftware Developer

    Learning the foundations of programming is actually more important than what language you know. Languages can become obsolete, but fundamentals do not.

  • Jordan CentenoPerson-in-charge for Recruitment


  • Mirei TanSenior Product Engineer

    Make small projects from what you are trying to learn. Learning by doing will help you understand the subject matter more. It will help you absorb the knowledge, and it can also be added to your portfolio later on.
    There are no stupid questions. Seek help from your peers and make use of the Internet. Share the things you've learned as well. This helps refresh your knowledge and creates a learning environment around you.

  • Steve NavalesSenior Tech Support Engineer

    IT is boundless. Keep learning to keep up the pace.

  • Julius CebrerosDevOps Engineer

    Feel free to experiment and break things. Do it while you're in a learning environment and the system you're breaking is still insignificant.

  • Sonia PascuaFaculty Member & Program Development Associate

    To learn IT, one needs a pocketful of logic. Intimidation may occur to students simply because they go to other dimension in understanding IT. But in fact, it is based on the Human Foundation. We should accept that IT has been a powerful tool that automates what people do. Thus, we need to get pertinent human needs that the technology addresses, on which one can relate and understand.

  • Sisay GazzinganDev Business Analyst

    Learning IT is about Mastery and Application but this doesn't mean spending hours staring at your computer and forgetting the wonderful life around you. Be sure to enjoy what you do and love what you're doing. Ask help from your friends, but most of the time, Google will be your best friend.

  • Maricel A. BalaisAsst. Prof. Network and Security Division, IT Dept, UST-IICS

    IT is one of the most in-demand fields today. It offers a lot of job opportunities like technical support, Webmaster, network admin, programmer and many more. One thing is difficult in this field, it is fast-paced. You need to update yourself as frequent as possible. You may search for educational opportunities in your chosen field online, for instance,, where free online courses are available.
    Choose the track that you are interested with. Focus on honing your skills and keep up with the constantly evolving applications, hardware, and software that you'll need to utilize.
    Don't limit your knowledge in the four corners of your classroom.
    You need to explore towards becoming a successful IT Professional.

  • Mikki VeranSolutions Manager (Cisco WiFi/R&S)

    IT concepts/theories could be easily learned. But the best part is your patience in troubleshooting problems and great satisfaction once you fix it.